Using cotton balls to paint the leaves for this apple tree painting creates texture and interest and is a fun and different way for kids to paint!

This is a great project to use in the classroom during the fall season and a nice complement to an apple unit.

I have created a printable branch template for you to use, that is perfect for younger kids and kids who would prefer not to draw their own branch.  Swipe up to grab your printable template.

SUPPLIES • Printable branch template (optional) • White cardstock (optional) • Canvas pad (optional) • Acrylic paint in red, black, and 3 shades of green • Paintbrushes • Water dish • Paint palette • Cotton balls • Clothespins • Wine cork

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE YOUR APPLE TREE CRAFT 1. Print out your branch template onto white cardstock. This is a great option for younger kids or older kids who don’t want to draw in their own branch.

2. Paint the sky blue using acrylic paint. We mixed our blue with a bit of white to lighten up the color. Let the background dry completely.

3. If kids are drawing the branch, have them draw it in lightly with a pencil. 4.  Paint the branch black and let it dry. Using a small brush for this step will make it easier for kids to paint in the smaller branches.

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