Kids will love making these wood slice DIY penguin ornaments to hang on the tree! A fun Christmas craft and handmade gift idea.

MATERIALS – Wood slice ornaments – Acrylic paint – Pencil and eraser – String or ribbon

TOOLS – Paintbrushes – Paint palette and water dish – Dotting tools (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Before you paint your wood slice, make sure it is clean and free of dust. Paint a wood slice with light blue acrylic paint.

2. Draw in your penguin using the photo tutorial above. Kids can choose to draw ear muffs, a hat, make their penguin wave, and customize the eyes.

3. Paint in the black part of the penguin. 4. Paint the white area of the penguin, you may need to paint two coats of white. This will probably cover up the drawing of the face so once the paint is dry, draw in the penguin's face again.

5. Paint in the face, using black paint for the eyes and orange for the beak. We used a dotting tool for this part which made painting in the small details a lot easier than using a paintbrush.

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