This winter birch tree painting uses easy watercolor techniques and gorgeous winter colors! Using a resist technique and salt helps to create an icy effect that gives the whole art project a magical winter feel.

MATERIALS – Watercolor paper – Watercolor paint – Pencil and eraser – Black oil pastel – Coarse salt

TOOLS – Wooden board and painter’s tape (optional) – Paintbrushes

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, tape your watercolor paper down to a wooden board or table with painter's tape. This is an optional step but keeps your paper nice and flat as it dries and helps to keep it from moving around as kids paint.

2. Next, draw out your birch tree. Have kids draw lightly with a pencil first so they can erase if needed.

3. Trace over your drawing with black oil pastel. Draw in a few lines in the trunk and branches to complete the birch tree drawing.

4. Get your paints ready in a palette or have your watercolor set beside you ready to go. I used undiluted liquid watercolors for the bright blue and purple and a watercolor set for the light blue color.

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