I love how wintery and icy these watercolor winter art paintings turned out! We used simple and fun watercolor techniques that kids of all ages can do and get amazing results.

MATERIALS – Watercolor paint – Watercolor paper – Paint trays – Watercolor brushes – Tape – Coarse salt – Black ink pad – Snowflake stamp

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Gather all of your supplies and tape your paper down to a wooden board. Doing this will help to keep the paper from buckling and also gives the painting a nice crisp edge.

2. Mix 3 or 4 colors of wintry blues and purples. I find that using 3 or 4 colors works best and produces the best results, allowing the watercolors to mix together and create new colors and patterns without becoming too muddy.

3. Taking a larger brush, paint your entire paper with water. You want the paper to be wet not soaking, you can always dab the excess water away with a paper towel.

4. Painting with one color at a time, have kids dab and paint their colors onto the paper. Remind them not to mix the colors too much on the paper, let the wet paper spread the colors and do the mixing for them.

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