Kids will have fun making this cute and colorful panda art project for Valentine's Day using a mixed media approach. Step by step tutorial included.

MATERIALS – Acrylic paint in black, white and pink – Watercolor paint – White cardstock – Extra-fine black paint pen – White oil pastel

TOOLS – Paintbrushes – Paint palette – Large and small lids or cardboard templates – Water dish

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, you need to draw the panda bear. You will need white cardstock, a pencil and eraser, and 2 different sized plastic lids, one large and one small.

2. Draw the inner part of the panda’s ears and draw a dot in the middle of the face where you want the nose to go.

3. Draw an oval shape on the left side of the panda’s face for the eye. Use a ruler to draw lines across the face at the top and bottom of the oval.

4. Use white oil pastel to draw hearts on your paper. Kids can choose to draw small hearts all over, 1 big heart with smaller hearts or any pattern that they like.

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