This galaxy spin painting art project is so fun! We love spin painting, it’s such a fun process art technique that kids will want to do over and over again.

MATERIALS – Old salad spinner you will use for crafts only  – Acrylic paint in blue, pink, purple, white – Black cardstock – Old toothbrush – Paint palette or plastic lid

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, get your black paper ready. You will need to use cardstock for this project, thinner paper doesn’t work as well in the salad spinner and could end up sticking to the sides.

2. Place your paper in the bottom of your salad spinner. Using one color at a time, squeeze and drizzle your paint onto the paper.

3. Put the lid on the salad spinner and let kids have fun spinning their creations! You might need to hold the bottom of the salad spinner steady, especially for younger kids.

4. Open the lid to reveal your awesome galaxy spin art! Carefully take the paper out of the salad spinner and lay flat to dry.

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