This winter snow globe craft is bright and colorful and so fun to make!

MATERIALS – Black pastel paper, black scrapbook paper – Chalk pastels – Free snow globe printable – Colorful cardstock – Clear contact paper

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, print and cut out your snow globe template. Use your template to cut out the top in black pastel paper or cardstock and the bottom out of colorful cardstock.

2. If your kids have not used pastels before, have them practice with them on some scrap paper. They can try making simple lines, blending two colors together with their fingers, and using the long edge of the pastel to create texture.

3. Once kids are familiar with drawing with pastels, they can go ahead and create their snow globe art. Have them start with the snow.

4. Now would be a good time for kids to write their name, the year or any message they would like on the bottom of the snow globe with a sharpie.

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