This star spin painting is a super easy and fun New Year's art project that kids will love! Make spin art stars and turn them into a unique New Year's Eve banner as part of your holiday decor.

MATERIALS – Star templates, printed on white printer paper (optional) – Gold or silver cardstock – Black cardstock – White cardstock – Gold or silver ribbon – Gold and silver acrylic paint – Gold or silver fine sharpie – White glue

TOOLS – Salad spinner – Scissors

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Print out your star templates onto white paper or have kids make their own. Cut the templates out.

2. Trace the larger star onto black cardstock and cut it out. You will need two stars for the banner but kids can make more if they like.

3. Place the star in the bottom of an old salad spinner. Drizzle gold and silver paint onto the star.

4. Put on the lid and spin to create your design. Take the lid off to reveal your star art!

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