Kids will have fun making these popsicle stick snowflakes with easy paper quilling! Icy colored popsicle sticks and silver paper make this ornament craft a beautiful and unique addition to any Christmas tree.

MATERIALS – Popsicle sticks – Acrylic paint – White glue – Ribbon or string – Silver cardstock

TOOLS – Paintbrushes – Paint palette – Glue gun – Paper cutter or scissors – Bamboo skewer

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Each snowflake uses 4 popsicle sticks. Choose a color for your snowflake ornament and paint 4 popsicles sticks front and back.

2. Using a glue gun (or really strong glue) glue your four popsicle sticks into a snowflake.

3. Get your paper quills ready. Cut 1/4 inch strips of silver cardstock.

4. Prepare a dish or small plastic lid with white glue.

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