This winter sensory activity happened one day when we had a school closure(the first one in like 15 years!). It started inside then moved outside for some beautiful colored icy snow sculptures.

MATERIALS – Containers for snow – Containers for mixing colors – Paintbrushes – Food coloring – Various scoops, ice cube trays, plastic scissors – Towels and a drop cloth

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Mix up your colors by filling your containers and then adding a few drops of food coloring to each container. I used small yogurt containers and put about 10 drops of food coloring in each one.

2. Get out all the snow “tools” you want to use. Put down your drop cloth or towels and have some extra towels ready to catch any mess while the kids are playing.

3. Go outside and fill your containers with as much snow as you like. Place your colors in the containers of snow and put a paintbrush in each colored container.

4. Stand back and let your kids explore and have fun! Very quickly my son started using his scooper and scooped snow into trays and empty chocolate boxes.

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