Create beautiful mixed media winter art with easy techniques and simple supplies. A fun winter art project that kids will love to create!

MATERIALS – White cardstock – Black cardstock or construction paper – Acrylic paint – Pencil and white pencil crayon or crayon

TOOLS – Paint palette – Paintbrushes – Scissors – Medium-sized plastic lid or cardboard template

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, draw a moon onto white cardstock. Use a bigger lid, mason jar or cardboard template to draw a moon in the upper right corner of your paper.

2. Get your acrylic paint ready, you will need white and 2 - 3 shades of the same color. We used shades of blue and shades of purple for our examples.

3. Paint with your lightest color around the moon, add in some white paint and blend these colors together. Let kids experiment with adding on the lighter shade and some white and blending the two colors together.

4. Start to add in your darker shade and blend that with the light color. Continue adding in the darker shade to finish your night sky painting.

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