Spin painting is so fun and easy for kids of all ages! Our spin art hearts make the perfect Valentine’s Day art project and can be used in so many ways.

MATERIALS – Red cardstock – Heart templates – Acrylic paint in pink, purple and white. – An old salad spinner that will no longer be used for food – Heart paper punch (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Gather all of your supplies and cut out your heart templates or make your own. You want your hearts to fill as much space in your salad spinner as possible, this will help to keep the hearts from clinging to the side when you are spinning them.

2. Place one heart shape at a time in your salad spinner and squeeze on your paint.

3. Put the lid on the salad spinner and let kids have fun spinning their creations! Younger kids might need you to hold onto the bottom of the salad spinner while they spin to keep everything steady.

4. Once they are done spinning, open the lid to reveal their painting.

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