Use watercolors & oil pastels to create this gingerbread house painting! A great Christmas art project for kids with a step by step tutorial.

MATERIALS – Watercolor paper – Watercolor paint – Oil pastels – Painters tape (optional) – Pencil and eraser

TOOLS – Paintbrushes – Paint palette and water dish – Wooden board (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Tape your watercolor paper to a wooden board using painters tape. This is an optional step but it does help to keep the paper from buckling as it dries.

2. Use white oil pastel to draw snowflakes in the sky, trace over the roof, and color inside the snow drips. Draw over the lollipop stick and swirl lines with white oil pastel.

3. Paint the sky with clean water first, being careful not to paint inside the house, the tree, lollipop, or gumdrops. While the paper is still wet, paint the sky with blue watercolor paint, carefully painting around all the items that are not going to be painted blue.

4. Use white oil pastel to trace over some of your pencil lines inside the house. Trace around the windows, draw around the two circles above the window, and add in the candy cane details around the door.

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