Kids will love making these gorgeous fork painted Christmas cards with just a few simple supplies. A great Christmas craft and handmade card idea!

MATERIALS – Acrylic Paint in bright green, light green, dark green, and red – Markers – Q-tip or the end of a small paintbrush – Cardstock or pre-folded blank cards – Pencil & eraser

TOOLS – Plastic fork – Paint palette & water dish

INSTRUCTIONS 1. For the wreath card, start by drawing a circle in the middle of the front of your card. Use a template to make this easier for kids.

2. Draw in the "J" and "Y" on either side of the circle.

3. Get your green paint ready, you will need a bright green and light green for the wreath. Dip a fork in the bright green paint and start to paint around the wreath. 4. Paint in the lighter green color with a fork to add in highlights.

5. Once the wreath is completely dry, use a Q-tip or the end of a small paintbrush to dot on the berries in a bright red color.

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