Easy DIY watercolor Christmas cards kids can make using only a few simple supplies!

MATERIALS – Watercolor paper – Watercolor paint set – Fine point black paint pen or marker – Pencil

TOOLS – Paintbrush – Paint palette and water dish – Scissors – Ruler – Plastic lid or cardboard circle template

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cut your watercolor paper to 8 x 4 inches and fold it in half, so each card will be 4x4 inches square. You can get multiple cards from one sheet of paper.

2. For the snowflake card, use a lid or cardboard template approximately 2.25 inches in diameter and trace a circle in the centre of your card. Use a pencil and press lightly.

3. Get your paints ready, you will need 2-3 shades of blue. Paint the circle with a light blue color.

4. Use a small detail brush to paint on small dots of blue around the big circle. Let the paint dry completely.

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