This unicorn necklace craft is magical and sparkly and kids will love making them!

MATERIALS – Free printable unicorn wishes labels – Mini glass bottles – Glitter in various colors – Mod Podge in a matte finish – Jewelry adhesive or super glue – Embroidery thread in different colors for the tassels – Satin necklace cord – Small metal jump rings – Beading pliers – Scissors

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Make a small funnel out of paper and tape it on closed on the sides. I found this the easiest way to get the glitter into the bottles with minimal mess.

2. This step is to be done by an adult only. Once you are done filling the bottles with glitter, take some jewelry adhesive or superglue and carefully glue around the cork near the bottom and close the bottle up with the cork.

3. Next, it’s time to make the tassels. These tassels are so cute! I love the colors and they really help to make your unicorn necklace extra adorable.

4. Cut out a small piece of cardboard. The height of your cardboard will be how long your tassel is.

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