We had so much fun making these conversation hearts cards and pins for a Valentine’s Day craft and art project. I love how these cards have a cute little heart pin that kids can give to their friends as a little Valentine’s Day gift.

MATERIALS – White card stock – Potato – Acrylic paint – Paintbrushes – Paint and water containers – Paper towels – Small letter stamps – Black ink pad – Wooden hearts – Jewelry pins – Hot glue gun – Mod Podge (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, you want to cut your white cardstock into smaller cards. We had 8.5 x 11 paper that I cut into 4’s.

2. Mix your paint colors. We used 4 colors and to make our paint into pastel colors I just simply mixed them with white.

3. Next, make your potato stamp. Cut your potato in half and draw a heart shape onto the potato, use a sharp knife to cut around the heart shape.

4. To make the potato stamping easier and to save you having to wipe off your potato stamp all the time, make multiple cards at once.

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