Making these watercolor Valentine bookmarks with a sticker resist technique was so fun! My daughter absolutely loved it and wanted to make more.

MATERIALS – Watercolor paper – Watercolor paints – Paint tray – Watercolor brushes – Heart stickers – Wooden board to tape down your watercolor paper – Painters tape – Hole punch – Embroidery thread in red, pink and purple (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS 1. First, you want to tape down your watercolor paper to a wooden board. This helps to keep the paper from buckling when it’s wet and makes it easier for kids to paint on.

2. Next, measure out your bookmarks with a pencil. One watercolor sheet of 11 x 15 inches made 10 Valentine bookmarks.

3. Have your kids place the heart stickers on their bookmarks, my daughter wanted to do 4 stickers per bookmark, no more, no less. I think it would also look nice to use different sizes of heart stickers if you have them.

4. Once everything is measured out and the stickers are placed, mix 3-4 colors of watercolors on your paint palette. It’s useful to have a scrap piece of paper to test out the colors first.

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